Finding The Ones

I love getting to connect with incredible people, I consider it a sweet work perk. From dreamy eyed couples to high energy ‘friendors’, it’s a real pleasure to do what I do. Early this week we hosted a mixer for local event venues and businesses, and we had a blast. I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to drink wine and practice new dessert recipes?

So, how do you find the one? And by the one I mean, the one caterer, the one florist, the one event coordinator, the one venue, etc. Planning a large event can be intimidating! And it doesn’t help that the Hill Country is the wedding destination capital of Texas. Throw a stone, and you’ll find a business touting their event experience. Just remember this old adage when you’re doing your planning, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

The secret to finding your one, is to find a vendor that you can truly connect with. Like any good relationship, it comes down to communication and trust. Your vendors will communicate in a way that resonates with you. The right vendor should make their portion of the event planning experience easy.

Trust is the second half of this delicious pie (I’m still thinking about those desserts). You should be able to trust your vendor to handle an potential issues or last minute changes that may arise at your event. You should be able to trust them to provide the very best service just for you.

The right vendor doesn’t just work for you, they work with you. This is a partnership. When everyone is humming along  on the same page, your day can be absolute magic.  

  - Meg                


Root Cellar Catering Team! Photography by: John Allan Photography

Root Cellar Catering Team!

Photography by: John Allan Photography