Our First Time

In honor of our first posting to the Root Cellar blog, we wanted to highlight our Executive Chef Megan Turbeville and ask her about her firsts.

First thing you learned to cook:

The first "real" recipe that I learned was a Greek dish called Pastitsio. My dad brought the recipe home from a Greek restaurant, and I gave it a try. I still make it for him when I'm home!

First meal you cooked and for who:

 I've been cooking unsupervised since I was 12 years old. So, it's hard to remember the very first. I absolutely LOVED going through my mom's old cookbooks. She had an Chinese cookbook, with recipes from different regions in China. I remember making simple eggrolls and wontons from scratch for my family. I was so impressed with myself! Looking back, it took me all day in the kitchen, and I made a huge mess. Worth it.

First food you fell in love with:

All of it. Can that be an answer? Secondary answer, cheese...all of it.

First food you parted with:

Broccoli. I'm annoyed by the flavor, I'm annoyed by the texture, and I'm especially annoyed by the fact that I can NEVER spell it correctly. Shout out to spell check for keeping it real! However, raw broccoli and I have really worked on our relationship, and we're now on speaking terms. 

First dessert you baked:

Does baking brownies with my mom count? I learned that raw brownie batter is just as good as the fully cooked version. Also, corner pieces are the best pieces. 

First job:

My high school job...The Hamburger Stand, sister company to Wienerschnitzel. Every now and then I still crave those chili cheese fries...

First time you realized this was the career for you:  

I was in a bookstore, and I grabbed a textbook from the Culinary Institute of America. It's this thick book, that goes over basic recipes/techniques/vocabulary, it's literally a textbook for culinary school. I was in college at the time, three semesters away from finishing my degree in Mass Communication. I was flipping through this book, when it happened, the joy bubble. There's a feeling that exists when you've found something that truly excites you...I call it the "joy bubble". It's this bubble that starts in your gut and moves it's way up to your heart, expanding as it goes until it encompasses your soul, wrapping you up in a warm hug. That was the moment.