A Juicy Styled Wedding at the Allen Farmhaus

Shy Laurel Photography

Pomegranate & Pear

Winter weather has us thinking about bold colors in jewel tones. The vibrant red of the pomegranate, the deep maroon of a blood orange, paired with pops of soft blue linens from Sage & Thistle and peachy blooms from Reiley and Rose...man, this styled shoot was a wonderland of warmth (even if the weather was absolutely freezing!). We love working at The Allen Farmhaus. Their sweeping views of farmland and fields as far as the eye can see, is such a break from the city life. Just wide, open, Texas skies. It's absolutely breathtaking! 

Root Cellar Catering Co. | Shy Laurel Photography

Reiley and Rose | Shy Laurel Photography

Chocolate Cake with Blood Orange and Hazelnut Buttercream

Fresh Apple and Brie Crostini from Root Cellar Catering Co. Photo: Shy Laurel Photography

Photo: Shy Laurel Photography | Calligraphy:  Lazy Creek Designs

Sass Tass Event Bartending | Shy Laurel Photography

Lamb Ragu with Pappardelle by Root Cellar Catering Co. | Shy Laurel Photography

Pork Chop with our Apple Cinnamon Chutney served with Crispy Brussel Sprouts

We put a lot of thought into each of our menus...so I kind of fangirled over the work Lazy Creek Designs did with our menu. She hand lettered the menu, and even burnt the edges for an extra layer of special. It’s all in the details! I’m also kind of a font/calligraphy nerd, which explains why I’m still obsessed so many weeks later! Sass Tass Event Bartending brought the F-U-N with her newest addition to the stable, Whinny the Mini Bar! Whinny was just precious, decked out in all her boho glory.  I think Shy Laurel Photography’s work speaks for itself! Her attention to detail has given us these gorgeous photos that we get to share with you.

A big “thank you” to Sweet Laurel Weddings & Events for asking us to join the party. Real catering is such a rare thing to see in a styled shoot, so it’s nice to get the opportunity to stretch ourselves and try something new! Every wedding is different, every client has a different vision for their special day. I hope you see something that inspires you and gives you the confidence to try something unique and true to you. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Your wedding day is your chance to stretch yourselves, and throw the party that you’ve always wanted to attend!


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Finding The Ones

I love getting to connect with incredible people, I consider it a sweet work perk. From dreamy eyed couples to high energy ‘friendors’, it’s a real pleasure to do what I do. Early this week we hosted a mixer for local event venues and businesses, and we had a blast. I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to drink wine and practice new dessert recipes?

So, how do you find the one? And by the one I mean, the one caterer, the one florist, the one event coordinator, the one venue, etc. Planning a large event can be intimidating! And it doesn’t help that the Hill Country is the wedding destination capital of Texas. Throw a stone, and you’ll find a business touting their event experience. Just remember this old adage when you’re doing your planning, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

The secret to finding your one, is to find a vendor that you can truly connect with. Like any good relationship, it comes down to communication and trust. Your vendors will communicate in a way that resonates with you. The right vendor should make their portion of the event planning experience easy.

Trust is the second half of this delicious pie (I’m still thinking about those desserts). You should be able to trust your vendor to handle an potential issues or last minute changes that may arise at your event. You should be able to trust them to provide the very best service just for you.

The right vendor doesn’t just work for you, they work with you. This is a partnership. When everyone is humming along  on the same page, your day can be absolute magic.  

  - Meg                


Root Cellar Catering Team! Photography by: John Allan Photography

Root Cellar Catering Team!

Photography by: John Allan Photography

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Did you know that we have an Ice Cream Vending Bicycle? You can have ice cream now at any event! You choose four flavors and an attendant will bike out and vend Rhea's Delicious Homemade Ice Cream.  

What is your favorite flavor?
Caramel Sea Salt, S’Mores, Avocado Coconut, Goat Cheese & Raspberry Jam, Strawberry Nutella, Earl Grey and Vanilla, Vegan Vanilla w/Agave, Circus Animal Cookie, Banana Pudding, Big Red, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Chocolate Milk Shake, Vanilla Cookies & Cream, Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip

Dessert for Breakfast? Yes please.

Chocolate for breakfast is a thing? Supposedly, it helps get the brain going!

"There was a study that recently came out from Syracuse University re-touting the benefits of dark chocolate, specifically on cognitive function. The thought was eating chocolate prepares you more for your workday."

We will now be adding as many chocolate items to our bakery breakfast menu! Check out some of the options!

Our First Time

In honor of our first posting to the Root Cellar blog, we wanted to highlight our Executive Chef Megan Turbeville and ask her about her firsts.

First thing you learned to cook:

The first "real" recipe that I learned was a Greek dish called Pastitsio. My dad brought the recipe home from a Greek restaurant, and I gave it a try. I still make it for him when I'm home!

First meal you cooked and for who:

 I've been cooking unsupervised since I was 12 years old. So, it's hard to remember the very first. I absolutely LOVED going through my mom's old cookbooks. She had an Chinese cookbook, with recipes from different regions in China. I remember making simple eggrolls and wontons from scratch for my family. I was so impressed with myself! Looking back, it took me all day in the kitchen, and I made a huge mess. Worth it.

First food you fell in love with:

All of it. Can that be an answer? Secondary answer, cheese...all of it.

First food you parted with:

Broccoli. I'm annoyed by the flavor, I'm annoyed by the texture, and I'm especially annoyed by the fact that I can NEVER spell it correctly. Shout out to spell check for keeping it real! However, raw broccoli and I have really worked on our relationship, and we're now on speaking terms. 

First dessert you baked:

Does baking brownies with my mom count? I learned that raw brownie batter is just as good as the fully cooked version. Also, corner pieces are the best pieces. 

First job:

My high school job...The Hamburger Stand, sister company to Wienerschnitzel. Every now and then I still crave those chili cheese fries...

First time you realized this was the career for you:  

I was in a bookstore, and I grabbed a textbook from the Culinary Institute of America. It's this thick book, that goes over basic recipes/techniques/vocabulary, it's literally a textbook for culinary school. I was in college at the time, three semesters away from finishing my degree in Mass Communication. I was flipping through this book, when it happened, the joy bubble. There's a feeling that exists when you've found something that truly excites you...I call it the "joy bubble". It's this bubble that starts in your gut and moves it's way up to your heart, expanding as it goes until it encompasses your soul, wrapping you up in a warm hug. That was the moment.